Codigo vale regalo wiggle

codigo vale regalo wiggle

Chorus: Jason regalos Derulo noviembre Snoop Dogg.
Bridge: Jason Derulo Come regalos on, baby, turn revistas around tiquetes (turn around, turn around, turn around, yeah) regalos You're a regala perfumes star, girl, take a regalos bow (take perfumes a perfumes bow, take a bow, take a bow, haha, yeah) It's just one thing that's killing me How do you fit that.Hot damn tiquetes it, your booty like two planets.I could jabones make you famous on Instagram.You know what to do with that big fat butt Chorus: Jason Derulo Snoop Dogg Wiggle wiggle avance wiggle (wiggle wiggle wiggle) Wiggle wiggle wiggle (wiggle wiggle wiggle) Wiggle wiggle wiggle (shake it, shake it, girl) Just a little avance bit noviembre (little bit, wiggle wiggle wiggle) (oh.What they do, taste my raindrops, k vuelos boo?Just a little bit (little bit, little bit, little bit) (swing).Just a little bit (swing regalos verse 2: Jason Derulo, cadillac Cadillac, pop that trunk.Just a little bit (swing verse 1: Jason Derulo, patty cake, patty cake, with no regalos hands.Intro: Jason Derulo Snoop Dogg, ayo, regalos Jason oh yeah!Go ahead, and go ham sandwich. Let's take a shot, Alley oop that dunk.